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  • Sleep Bra Sleep Bra
  • Sleep Bra Sleep Bra
  • Sleep Bra Sleep Bra
  • Sleep Bra Sleep Bra

Sleep Bra


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Perfectly designed for ultimate comfort whilst you sleep.
Wire-free with soft elastic provides support.
Prevents breasts from sagging and drooping.
Especially useful for women with larger breasts.

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What are Sleep Bras?

Sleep Bras are soft cotton bras that are constructed for support while you sleep. They are made of Stretchy Cotton with Lycra blend and are SUPER COMFY.

Why should I use it ?

Adira’s Sleep Bra is designed to alleviate any breast discomfort while you sleep. Some women cannot sleep comfortably without breast support, especially women with larger breasts. A sleeping bra is designed to provide support without interrupting your rest. This bra style is lightweight and wire-free, with no padding, snaps or hooks in order to maximize breast comfort. While any soft, comfortable bra can be used as a sleep bra, some styles are designed specifically for use at night. When you are lying down, gravity is pulling your breasts to the sides instead of down, so specialty sleep bras will have extra support at the sides of the breast.  

How do I care for them ?
Adira Sleep Bras are machine washable.

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