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Adira proudly holds the patent for Period Panties in India and USA

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Pack of 3 Perfumed Bras(B Cup)


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Special value pack of 3 perfumed bras in assorted colors
Rose:As you wear it, a soft Rose fragrance surrounds you.
Has aromatherapy benefits. Rose fragrance lifts depression, reduces stress and encourages romance.
Lavander:As you wear it, a soft Lavender fragrance surrounds you. 
Has aromatherapy benefits. Lavender fragrance clears thinking, dissipates fear and is known as a powerful aphrodisiac
Jasmine:As you wear it, a soft Jasmine fragrance surrounds you.
Has aromatherapy benefits. Jasmine fragrance reduces stress, boosts self confidence and brings good luck in love.
Fragrance lasts over 20 washes
fabric & care
100% Skin Friendly Cotton Hosiery Fabric
Hand wash / Machine wash in normal cycle.
Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

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Lingerie has always been for visual delight. Adira Perfumed Lingerie adds a new dimension and awakens new senses with floral scented lingerie.The Perfumed Lingerie comes in Rose, Lavender and Jasmine fragrances, each of them having unique aroma therapy benefits for you and your love life.

The perfumes lingerie range consists of

• Perfumed Panties and

• Perfumed Bra and Panty Sets

How does it work ?
The fabric does the magic here. The fragrance is embedded deep into the fabric fibers. The fragrance is released slowly through the day or night and a magical fragrance surrounds you. Another fun thing is that, the more you move, the more the friction on the fabric, the more the fragrance is released.

Is it safe ?
Adira Perfumes Lingerie is made of 100% cotton treated fabric. It is tested by International Testing Body and is certified to be Skin Friendly.

How long does the fragrance last ?
The fragrance lasts for over 20 washes.

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