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About Us

About Adira

Adira is a fun and practical innerwear brand for girls, teens and ladies.

Adira innovates for style and comfort .

Some of the specialized innovative products are the  US Patented Period Panties, Fresh & Dry Panties, Slimming Shapewear, 'Lil lady bras and more.

Adira products are made with utmost care with best quality fabrics and trims.

ADIRA in Hebrew is a person who is STRONG, NOBLE and POWERFUL. 


The Company

Adira is a Yashram Lifestyle brand ( Yashram Lifestyle is focused on creating unique products and solutions for comfortable and quality lifestyle.

Yashram Lifestyle owns the following brands;

Adira (

Morph Maternity (

How To Tell Your Child (


The Team

Deepa (Founder and CEO)

Deepa, an engineer by training is passionate about women and girl issues. She founded two brands in the clothing space, Morph Maternity and Adira (an intimate wear brand). She put her engineering skills to invent period panty to stain proof periods. Her other innovations in maternity clothing are nursing kurtis and leak-proof bras. As a triathlete and mother of two, she is passionate about creating a healthy environment for every child. Her social initiative, helps parents converse with their children about puberty, body positivity, sexual abuse and more. You can reach her at

Deepa's LinkedIn Profile :

Priya (Director - Operations)

Priya is an accomplished marketing and operations person. She was the top ranked sales person in her previous company. She joined Adira and Morph at it’s infancy and has grown it to a multi crore business. An online marketing ninja, she reads google analytics report for fun.

She loves singing and listens to all genres of music.

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Jai (Director - Customer Success)

Jai is an HR guy who founded an outdoor adventure company. He got attracted to the idea of making lives better by selling innovative products of Adira and Morph. He is responsible for customer success at Adira and Morph.

Jai's LinkedIn Profile :